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Pythonicus Flyers Modular

Pythonicus Flyers Modular

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Here we have the Pythonicus Flyers modular set from Station Forge. The miniatures are designed to
that you can play them in common tabletop systems like Warhammer 40k.

Each miniature comes with a 32mm base including stand.

The set includes:

Bodies, wings, stands and bases in the quantity you buy the miniatures.

The following amounts of bits are included per 5 miniatures:

Backpack x 10

Flamethrower x 5

heads x 10

5x weapons for the right side (4x SMG, 1x sword)

5x weapons for the left side (4x sword, 1x SMG)

Don't hesitate to write me if you want the miniatures in other sizes. You are also welcome to write to me about the selection of the bits.

Printed from high quality, gray ABS Like Resin+ in a 6k 3D printer.
Significantly more flexible and resilient than conventional types of resin.

Danger of choking due to small parts. Not suitable for small children.

Will be delivered unpainted and in parts.

Due to the nature of 3D printing, despite careful rework,
slight color deviations or print contours may be visible.

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