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Complete Pack Sons of Decay Vol. III

Complete Pack Sons of Decay Vol. III

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Here we have the Sons of Decay Vol. III. A complete set with wonderful proxies for Warhammer 40k, for example.

With these miniatures you can customize your tabletop army and is a real eye-catcher on every plate.

This set contains 18 miniatures. They can choose to have the Morbidus Vortex Portal included, or to purchase the set without the terrain piece. The miniatures are delivered in individual parts, unpainted and free of supports. The Annihilators / Terminators are modular kits. You can also see the kit in the picture. The kits are included in the scope of delivery, as can be seen on the Terminator picture. If you have any wishes there and would like to change it, you are welcome to contact me after the purchase and we will customize your kit set according to your wishes. Each miniature comes with a matching base, except for the Plague Bomber and Plague Witch. The plague bomber has no base and the hex is printed with the base.

The content of the complete package:

1 x Mortus, the Plaguelord + 100mm base

1x Corrupted Witch model is printed with base in one. Base size 50mm

1x Plague Bomber Tank does not require a base

5x Annihilators come with two complete sets of kits. Each kit contains the following bits:
5x head
5x different back parts
6x Left shoulder pad
6x Right Shoulder Armor (2 of each variant)
6x arms with weapons (all different)
6x 32mm Custom Base (2 of each variant)

10x Plaguewalkers + 10 25mm custom bases

Terrain: Morbidus Vortex Portal
With a height of 9.1 cm, a width of 11.5 cm and a depth of 6 cm, it is a real gem on the table. You can hide most of the units behind it and it's also good for a story on the record.

The Blind Riders in the picture below left are offered as an additional option, since they are difficult to face in Warhammer 40k or similar. So you can decide whether you want to buy them for a small surcharge.

Don't hesitate to write me if you want the miniatures in other sizes.

Printed from high quality, black ABS Like Resin+ in a 6k 3D printer.
Significantly more flexible and resilient than conventional types of resin.

Danger of choking due to small parts. Not suitable for small children.


Due to the nature of 3D printing, despite careful rework,
slight color deviations or print contours may be visible.
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